X-catho is short for ex Catholic. My family was Catholic. Then went Baptist.

This is a long time ministry that has gone by various blogs, websites. This will likely be my last and final blog. Ministry is ever fueled by love, peace and truth that only Christ has given us. Many blogs were created to spread the message of Christ. Only Christ grants faith and hope.

Some of my blogs made for spreading the gospel online are included in the resources section.

Why do this?

  • All true Christians are required to tell others about the Good News. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
  • Only Jesus Christ, not religion, our own opinions, etc., can save us.
  • The Bible is Truth

Leading A faithful Life with Jesus…

People may think we are crazy or have nothing better to do and become irritated with us, as we do all that Christ requires. God is Christ (John 1:1), He requires we share the Gospel of Jesus. The Gospel of Jesus is found only in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Read, study the Bible, get the Gospel out there. Focus on Christ and less on people and problems. trust Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. Got Christ?

All Rights Reserved 5/21/2019, XCATHO

WARNING! Entire website is for Biblical education. Nothing may be used for soliciting or selling. All materials free for viewing and sharing.

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