Swarms of Locusts..

Notes from M. Bunker’s book, Swarms of Locusts.

Christian radio, media -teach Jesuit Arminian false gospels. “Christian churches” follow Jesuit indoctrination.

Arminians= Jesuit false gospel of works. jesuits were prevented from participating in all government-before the First Amendment. Jesuits always attack freedom of conscience, free press and right to bear arms. Jesuits/Catholics took advantage of First Amendment. (Page 49). Anyone professional can be a Jesuit “agent.” Preachers, teachers, etc., that don’t teach resistance are poisoned by Jesuit doctrines. NIV & Geneva bibles are written by Jesuits. Revelation 17:5-Catholic Church is Mother of Harlots. John Wesley, Finney inspired by Loyola, a Jesuit. Jonathan Edwards preached against Arminianism (Jesuit doctrine). Jesuits influenced the Scofield Bible, Darby. Jesuits are members members of the Illuminati. Gnostics, Cabal, Rosicrucians , masons, Trilateral Commission. Lutheran churches influenced by Jesuits, nicolaitane, Gnostic- experimental Christianity. George Whitefield shared the true gospel of grace. Charles Finney taught unbiblical rituals like alter calls, decisions for Christ that aren’t found in New Testament. Mystic experiences, emotional experiences. Michael S. Horton exposes Charles Finney. Alter calls, rituals are Catholic teachings. Christ is the Altar- Hebrews 9:26.Catholics are sinful. They created the pentecostal movement. Women preachers are a big deal in this false agenda (Page 188). Modern Christianity tries to please God by their actions, making themselves approved by works.The Jesuit gospel is false as it is based on being good enough and belief intellectually of Jesus, no grace. Pentecostals believe all are cured and nullified. Death plaques still in place for all born (unsaved). Catholics/Pope believe all babies are pure with systematic sprinklings. Churches deny God’s sovereignty. True believers are saved for God’s purposes, not by works. See 2 Peter 2:12. “Churches” abuse people with manipulation. Through emotional manipulation through music. jesuits teach universalism= that Christ died for everyone. Many churches mirror the Catholic religion. Prosperity gospel is end times Jesuit deception. Anti-gospel= belief certain behaviors can place liens on God’s sovereignty -(true salvation is by grace, mercy). Noise, singing, repetitive Christian songs are of religion. John 1:5. Isaiah 3:12 children are oppressed, women rule over unsaved in the false churches. See also Romans 3:11-12, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Romans 5:19, John 1:13, Romans 1:19-20, Proverbs 16:9.Dave Hunt and LaHaye are Jesuit indoctrinated. God used Judas for His purposes. “Churches” are man centered religion; worship of the mind. False churches tell of personal experiences with God whether they claim scriptural or not. Heathen Christians= follow their “god” of personal emotions, feelings and experiences.

Jesuit gospel= the rapture, 7-year tribulation.

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