Guide to End Times…

I used to have thoughts about end times as a teen. Seems like the world is experiencing this Caronavirus, which appears to be God punishing sin. This is a plaque. Obviously a virus can’t go everywhere. Many websites have many views on this ongoing world crisis. People are hoarding goods and supplies. Store shelves empty. What’s going on some may be asking themselves?


If we read our Bible, will we discover that everything happening , going on is in complete control by God. 

Here is some views to consider concerning these perlious times. I do not endorse these views or ministries , but may comfort and help educate you with what is really going on. It’s nearing the end of our world. Christ will be coming soon for His own!


  I’m not sick at all. I rarely get sick. I know some people are getting crazy and weird about this so called virus which I believe is nothing more than people that are already sick have made the issue worse than it is. I believe our country , police, parents , etc, will be out of work if we don’t stop panicking .

  We must look to God and not rely on what the news says as things get blown out of proportion . Its time we start respecting our neighbors and we can still be helpful to our neighbors even in these weird times. It’s not rocket science. We are a nation of compassion. Many states are going through hard times. But now is not the time to give up and think everyone will be sick or die.

  This is a time to be compassionate, respectful, even if we are to keep our distances. This is nothing new. We should keep clean, as most of us have.

Here is a video to show that this virus is about nothing more than to divide people and the country to be less loving and respectful.


Pope Francis Unveils Globalist New World Religion at Summit with United Nations Leader (lists false church teachers)


FEAR in the End Times: 5 Bible Verses to Comfort Those Who Fear


  1. These so called preachers care nothing about you. Look how this crisis hoax God us using to expose bad attitudes of neighbors , their hoarding, theft, fear and acting like wimps over germs and disease. Many in the Bible didn’t believe in washing hands and guess what they faced plaques and germs and lived!

    So this crisis hoax is proof churches will shut down , neighbors will continue to live themselves and not help anyone. Scared wimps!

    Do you see now, that your pastor(s) will wimp out easily ,and many will follow their pastors to take the Mark of the Beast!

    The end is close. Will you be faithful to Jesus?


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