Revised Self Test

Self Believer Test

Directions: Answer Yes or No

1. Do you believe in God?

2. Do you get angry with those leaving a gospel tract?

3. Do you steal?

4. Is a degree required for ministry and taught in the Holy Bible?

5. Do you smoke pot?

6. Do you drink alcohol and or smoke cigarettes regularly?

7. Do you read the King James Bible?

8. Ever been arrested for preaching without a state or county ordination?

9. Have you read Colossians 1:10?

10. Have you read Proverbs 17:3?

11. Are you obsessed with sex?

12. Are you attracted to the same sex?

13. Have you read John 11?

14. Do you know what Deuteronomy 6:5 says?

15. Have you read Matthew 20:25-28?

16. Have you read Matthew 19:29?

17. Have you read Mark 10:18-22?

18. Are watching crime dramas on TV more important than reading the KJB?

19. Do you rely on the Bible alone for learning truth and trust only Christ (John 14:6) to save you?

20. Have you accepted Christ, Son of the living God by faith?

21. Is Christ your only Master? (Psalm 23)

22. Wealth and good looks get you into God’s heaven?

23. Salvation is based on attendance and worship experiences?

24. A Christian should witness to Jews, Atheists, Gnostics, Islam, Mormon, Hindu and Catholics as commanded in the New Testament?

25. Jesus warned “the Broadway to hell” represents today’s “all walks of life?”

26. Are you a minister that owns several churches and land?

27. Watch Tower promotes false doctrines ?

28. A Jehovah Witness reads only Awake! and the New World Translation educated bible scholars refute as a “bad translation” and published by The Watchtower in New York.

29. Do you obey priests or preachers and go to their church more than rely simply on what the KJB New testament says?

30. Is government God or is He above it?
31. NIV, NKJV, NWT, Book of Mormon are reliable more than the KJV?

32. “The Beast” represents universal human rules and regulations, codes and statutes?

33. Have you left New Testament pocket bibles around town?

34. Church music is a method to silence God’s voice and rely more on feelings?

35. The Catholic Gregorian calendar used around the world prefers Sunday as the Sabbath. The New Testament teaches everyday belongs to God and is a gift from Him?

Thank you and consider if you believe correctly what the Bible actually teaches rather than what is popular and widely accepted as truth.


1 Comment

  1. The answers above is yes to majority of the questions !

    We are to love, serve, witness, live by faith, we are saved by grace alone, but work on love which the works come from God not our own merit.

    Read John, Romans. Fellowship and trust God only in these hard times ahead.

    The Tribulation is close. Keep your eyes on Jesus .


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