August 2020 Newsletter- updated

LWC- Life Without Church (Religion), Are you saved?

Newsletter, #1 of 1

I used to think church was the answer to dealing with life problems. My experiences with church were always negative and I felt more lost attending churches. I felt the Lord had more of a calling for me. I was still stuck in religion of church. Church is a social club as a distant friend calls it. I agree church is a club. I wasted most of my life believing church and God were linked.

  As a young man my parents had engaged me to go to church. While I respect my parents. I do believe they relied too much on religion. Man, since the days of Adam have tried to reach God. Religion is the mask of humanism. Humanism is the work of man to appear righteous through his/ her own efforts. Many teach grace but its not the gospel. Religion is man’s opinions subjected to Satan. Satan has blinded man. Blind lead the blind into a ditch. Religion is the comfort of man’s ways. There is so much religion out there be it contemporary, denominational, the list of false beliefs is endless.

  Those reading this may feel offended. But the point of this is to share the real gospel of Christ.

  Places we go, things we do won’t ever bring joy or comfort to us. The Bible talks about good and bad servants. Those that brag about their duties at church religion are stuck in man-made gospels. Self and Satan has been the efforts. They follow their pride. Pride does what it wants. Pleasing people and winning people to church is not the gospel.

  My experiences at a Southern Baptist church for a year, was a real waste. I went to church to meet women. While I met people, I never felt satisfied. Even the contemporary, Pentecostal church visits warped me even more. Belonging or visiting churches brings in demons to the home.

  My experiences with family, friends and people in the past that followed their man made social clubs taught me one thing. God is bigger than what we see or do. We can never please God by attending a worship service where women and men sing and music is amplified. This is similar to a rock music contest. The louder the worship the more fake converts. Church is a business. There is a lack of love, peace and grounding in the only gospel of God, in communities.

  The bible says to acknowledge Jesus as Lord by mouth and be saved (Romans 10:9). The message of the religious club says you can only be saved by looking good for your church. This is hypocrisy, this is madness. Music, opinions, personalities, all contribute to man-made gospels. Salvation of the bible is ignored when man uses his opinions to replace the gospel of God with their own little heathen humanistic beliefs.

For example the Catholic church is completely humanistic and universal religion.  Man’s opinions seem to stir the empty souls to hellish doctrines of Virgin Mary as Co-Redeemer. This frustrates the gospel message of Christ. Making Christ useless. Man has since the days of Moses and Noah been trying to create their own false Jesus, one of their own imaginations.

The Gospel is all about Jesus. Read the Bible to know Jesus. Start with book of John in the New Testament.


(C) 2020, Xcatho ministries


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